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Skin treatments


By a qualified PhD in Cosmetology

The skin peeling course has been carefully planned to give the participants the confidence they need in treating the client. With the aim in mind, the course is completely practice-oriented, thus enabling the participants to actually perform the treatment on the client and broaden the range of services they offer in the salon.

Advantages/Usefulness of skin peeling. Treats sunburns, Lightens the skin tone, Improves skin texture, Lightens pigmentation, Cleanses clogged pores, Promotes collagen production, Lighten freckles, Stimulates new cell growth, Reduces production of sebum in oil glands, Regulates moisture, Treats sensitive and dry skin, Melasma or Cholasma, Ageing skin, Skin rejuvenation, Open pores, Inflammation, Oily skin, Pimples (Acne), Rosacea.

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