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Beauty Salon

Professional Beauty Culture / Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing Course

By an expert in Hair and Beauty


Professional Make-Up
Day, Evening, Bridal, Cosmetic Camouflage, Concealing, Face Contouring, Model, Stage and TV Makeup, Face & Body Painting, Water Proof, Matt, Gold and Arabic Make up.

Professional Skin Care and facials
Japanese facial, Thermo Herb Facial, Herbal Facial, Clean-up etc. Preparation of 20 types of face packs with the use of the facial machine. Pimple treatment, ozone, high frequency, care for various types of skin etc.

Removal of superfluous hair from hands, legs, face and underarms and preparation of wax.


Threading (eyebrow shaping) and Tweezing
Hygiene/Salon Management/Salon Reception Management Personal Hygiene, Sanitation & Sterilization, Consulting & Diagnosing techniques, Client care & Consultation, Professional Ethics, How to deal with clients and to manage a Beauty Salon efficiently.


30 Haircuts – Basic and Advanced (Including practicals on clients). Incorporating different haircutting techniques like One Length Base Line, Graduation, Precision Cutting, Texturizing, Layering, Inverted Layering, Weave Cutting, Reverse Graduation, Cross Graduation, High Graduation, Point Cutting, Slither Cutting, Sliding, Slicing, Scissor Over Comb Technique, Razor Cutting & Clipper Cutting.

Hair Styling
Various techniques of Blow drying, Scrunching, Use of Denman brushes, Vent brushes, High Tech Diffuser etc. 50 Hairstyles on Tution Heads & 100 Long Hairstyles on Switches and Hairpieces. Preparation of Hairspray.

Hair Setting
The setting of short & long hair into various styles such as Finger Waving, Pin Curls, Wrap Round and Barrel Curls etc. Use of electrical appliances like Carmen rollers, Crimpler, Tongs, Straighteners, Hot sticks, Spiral Tongs etc. Various types of Roller Setting Setting of Wigs & Hairpieces

Hair Straightening and Perming – Temporary & Permanent
Perming includes Regular perm, Root perm, Fashion perm, Spiral perm, Molten perm, Double Decker perm, Chopstick perm etc. with the use of different perming rods and perming techniques.

Hair Care
Hair disorders & disease, basic techniques of Scalp Manipulation, Treatment for Dandruff, Hair fall Treatment, Oily & Dry Scalp treatment, Split hair, Henna (Mehendi) treatment etc. Use of High Frequency (Ultra Violet Rays)

Hair Tinting / Coloring and Highlighting
Permanent Hair colouring, Semi-Permanent Tints, Temporary Color Rinse, Hair Bleaching, Colour Corrections, Hair Highlighting, Low lighting, global colouring etc. with the use of different Highlighting tools like Peigne Meche, Foil Color Wrap, IP Clip, Clip Meche, Flash Pak etc. and different highlighting techniques.

Shampooing / Rinsing
Shampooing of hair, Switches, Wigs etc. 9 types of Hair rinses for different types of hair.

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